Why [A]elee

An Indian family with over 8 year of History and great passion:


Aelee kitchen has been producing kitchens for 8 year in the Indian region of Bareilly.
The company is the result of the passion and dedication of one man who believed in his dream.

He and his family produce top quality kitchens that match people’s plans for life and make them proud to have chosen Aelee. The keystone of the company’s philosophy is to offer customers the best possible quality.

To achieve this, Aelee works as a certified, reliable and highly ethical company.

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The Perfect Blend of Style, Ergonomics and Functionality

Aelee kitchens combine ergonomics and functionality in a superbly stylish, high performance product..

Standard and deep drawers, base cabinets, wall units and tall units are color-
coordinated with carcasses and doors to create an accurately detailed, stylish
and uniquely distinctive Total Look.

Aelee kitchens form customizable, ergonomic work stations in which every space is designed and optimized for the user’s wellbeing and convenience.

Designs are the result of detailed analysis of what makes a kitchen functional and comfortable: easy access to cabinets and units and to all cooking utensils and food products, maximum storage capacity and easy cleaning.

In addition to practical access and rational work stations, another fundamental aspect of kitchen ergonomics is the height and depth of the base cabinets and wall units: Aelee offers a range of solutions to suit all types of kitchen.

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Distinctive Design and Innovation

Design is what underpins the development of all Aelee kitchens, which stand out for a look based on scrupulous attention to detail and inspired by constant research and innovation.

Aelee’s creative, advanced kitchens keep pace with changing tastes and offer original solutions that can be personalized in every aspect, from kitchen to the combination of different materials.

Aelee kitchens are the result of investment in one of the most modern manufacturing systems in the furniture sector. Production is completely digital and fully automated and uses video cameras to ensure quality and traceability from raw material provisioning to finished product.

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Design Flexibility and Personalisation

Aelee offers customers 30 models of kitchen, 1000 finishes, 500 door colors and 5 opening systems in innumerable variants, giving a total of over 50,000 possible combinations.

Aelee provides many different ways to personalise your kitchen, from dimensions to finishes, from opening systems to worktops, and even lets you mix different models to create a truly personal composition.

Aelee can furnish not just your kitchen but your living area too.
Contemporary homes are increasingly characterized by hybrid environments where the relaxation area is combined with the space in which food is prepared and consumed.
With this in mind, Aelee lets you design a single, stylistically coordinated furnishing solution for your kitchen and living area