Kitchen with a peninsular unit4

Kitchen With A Peninsular Unit

A bridge Among Kitchen and Living Room

The peninsular unit is a handy additional unit that articulates the space in a kitchen. The projecting element can give you extra worktop space, can house a
sink and/or hob and can also be fitted with a breakfast bar.

A single kitchen-living room area is becoming more and more frequent in contemporary homes. An open space has become the heart of the home, be it a
loft or a bedsitter, an apartment flat or a single house. The versatility of the Aelee programmes guarantees the possibility of personalizing and constructing the living room, of integrating the functions and of co-coordinating elements, modules and materials. For example, the Aelee wall panels can be fitted in the kitchen and in the living room or can be used as a way of visually connecting various rooms of the home. It is possible to co- ordinate the appearance of an open space arrangement by using furniture that

aesthetically links the kitchen and the living room but that benefits from the specific functional elements used in each area.


Kitchen with a peninsular unit5
Kitchen with a peninsular unit3
Kitchen with a peninsular unit
Kitchen with a peninsular unit1
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