Storage Unit

The efficient larder unit solution for an
unbeatable overview and excellent accessibility.

Just like in a fridge, the unit’s contents are distributed across the door shelves and the pull-out Smaller groceries and spice jars in the door shelves
Bigger bags and groceries in the top of the pull-out Large pots and dishes in the bottom of the pull-out  The larger shelves slide out of the unit automatically
when the doors are opened Everything in the unit is easy to reach – even items
stored on the top shelf, since the shelves are only half the depth of the unit.

A full overview in just one easy step
All the shelves slide out at the same time A time-saving solution > No more rummaging around A clear overview means no more spoilage
Height-adjustable shelves Easy installation
Just one set of fittings allows full use of all the space in the unit, even the top shelf For hinged doors (with handles or handle-free with a push-to-open system) Can mounted on the right or on the left Soft opening and closing
Mounted on ball bearings for smooth movement

Storage Unit 4
Storage Unit 3