Internal Accessories

Aelee design elements are always an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Smartness combined with the latest technology and design makes each Aelee kitchen unique. On the way to work or exploring a new culture – our Team is constantly looking out for innovative products and new ideas influenced from all aspects of life. Rethinking of what is possible is what we believe in..

Cutlery Trays

A functional and aesthetic design is not complete without the interior life.
Cutlery inserts provide orderliness and easy access. Drawers and pull-outs can
be designed to meet individual requirements. Optimized arrangement and easy accessibility maximizes comfort and storage space in the kitchen.  Aelee’s comprehensive range of inserts and interior accessories offers individual planning of the inner life of the kitchen. Our dedicated design team will consult and assist to find the suitable place for all your kitchen utensils.

Wicker Basket

Wicker baskets are a delightful decoration for your kitchen decor and can make quite a dramatic statement about your taste. Enjoy your collection for many years and extend the useful life of your baskets.

Accessories Holder

to create the ideal configuration in the drawer: dividers for cutlery and tools, glass spice jars, black steel boxes and kitchen roll holders, wooden trays and knife holder, bread board.  The pan drawers have non-slip bottoms, wooden racks, adjustable plate holders and black steel trays.

Dish Rack

A dish-drying rack simplifies your kitchen clean-up routine by giving you a place to set clean dishes and utensils to air
dry. The best ones also minimize the possibility of dishware being chipped or scratched by holding such things as plates and bowls securely in an upright position. Thanks to the evaporation power of air, dish racks require no electricity and take up minimal space.

Internal Accessories 13
Internal Accessories14

Waste Bins

Just as the requirements in the household and office are manifold, the individual waste bins.  Innovative solutions; not only functional and
of a high quality, but also attractive in design. For maximum comfort and hygiene.