[A]ELEE is a beautiful story of one man, and how a dream became reality, guided by a passion transmitted from one generation to the next.  It is also the story of a great company that has been producing quality kitchens for over 8 years and is internationally recognized and appreciated for its innovation and style.

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More space in the kitchen – more kitchen in the room. So that the first impression of your apartment is a strong one. The electrical devices are built into the
side of the tall cabinet. Nothing disturbs the clearly designed front – and you have plenty of space for your ideas.

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Create kitchen with just two color tones:

 The distance profile is contrasted in color and deliberately withdrawn. This makes the highly stable, only 14 mm thick cover plate seem to float. You break geometric severity with your personal accessories.

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A lot of personality needs a lot of space:

The narrow cabinets here extend from the floor to the ceiling, creating maximum storage space. The innovative nanotech surface prevents unsightly fingerprints.

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Coming home also means arriving:

Withdraw. Breathe. In this kitchen, the cabinets, alcoves, plinths and countertops are not only made of the same material, but are also kept in a uniform color. Consistent clarity, fine warmth.

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